Meet Artist cum Lyricist | Jordan Ward

In our day to day existence, it appears as though there’s continuously something to cause stress, uneasiness, or stress, from tensions of society to profession objectives to just assumptions we put on ourselves. Fortunately, Jordan Ward is here to give the tunes to remind you it’s all alright, and to Resist the urge to panic.

Hailing from St. Louis, the vocalist musician just delivered his Resist the urge to panic EP, a 5-track group of work that gives recuperating capacity to the majority. With his smooth, steamy voice, matched with his affection and foundation for that vibe great 90’s R&B, Ward balances himself to be one of the most reviving new voices in the music business.

The venture is led by lead single “Lil Child Smash,” a track loaded up with adoration and sentiment which Ward rejuvenates in the accompanying visual.

The main thing better than Ward’s music, is his music live. Closely following his initial space on Duckwrth’s A SuperGood Visit last month, Ward got back to have a private delivery gathering for the new EP, giftings participants with a live presentation for the books. Moreover, he delivered his new narrative for the creation of “Lil Child Smash” above.




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